To better service clients remotely, a secure client portal is available where documents can be exchanged safely and conveniently.  Spend less time printing, faxing, emailing, and mailing tax documents.  Uploading and accessing documents can be done at client’s convenience.

Click Here to access our client portal if you have an established account.  Please email if you do not have an established account.

Features of our secure client portal include:

Easy to Use | Our client portal is web-based, and works with just about any browser and computer. Uses folders and files, just like your computer. Uploading, downloading, renaming, and deleting files is simple and quick.

Security is Built In | Files are protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secure, and files are encrypted.  Clients can view and access only their own documents.

Mobile-friendly Interface | Clients can take photos of tax documents and upload them at their convenience.

Instant Messaging |  Ability to communicate back and forth within the client portal.

Prior-year Summary | We want to help clients gather what they need for tax services.

Online Organizers | Client can provide tax information by filling out online forms.

Online Electronic Signatures | Clients can electronically sign tax documents on their mobile device or PC.